Eyes: Light Brown

Hair: Light Brown

H: 5’10” W: 145

Baritone/Tenor (G-G)

A win at the New York Innovative Theater Awards

Isaac Bush brings an unnerving calmness to Joe. He manipulates the Smiths with efficiency and precision, unwavering politeness punctuated by a confident smile and sociopathic eyes. He’s unsettling, clever and several steps ahead of everyone—except Dottie. Bush’s Joe likes killing people, and sexual predation even more, a genuine creep we can’t stop watching.

-Wort on Killer Joe

Bush is mesmerizing in the role, embracing the inherent campiness while revealing just enough of the underlying sociopathy to create a carefully calibrated performance that weaves through and informs the piece. 

-Wort on Trail of Crumbs